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  • Rectangle covering of random 0/1 matrices.
    Mozhgan Pourmoradnasseri, Dirk Oliver Theis
    (Not disclosed yet.)

Journal Articles 


  • New F-saturation games on directed graphs.
    J.D. Lee (Cambridge), Ago-Erik Riet.
    Discrete Mathematics (arXiv:1409.0565)
  • F-saturation games.
    J.D. Lee (Cambridge), Ago-Erik Riet.
    Discrete Mathematics (arXiv:1406.1500)
  • Support based lower bounds for the positive semidefinite rank of nonnegative matrices.
    T. Lee (CQT, Singapore), Dirk Oliver Theis.
    Linear Algebra Appl. (arXiv:1203.3961)
  • Good edge-labelings and graphs with girth at least five.
    M. Bode (Birmingham), B. Farzad (Brock University, ON), Dirk Oliver Theis.
    Discrete Math. Theor. Comput. Sci. (arXiv:1109.1125)


  • On finding orientations with fewest number of vertices with small out-degree.
    Kaveh Khoshkhah.
    Discrete Appl. Math. (arXiv:1410.8154)
  • Fooling-sets and rank.
    M. Friesen (Magdeburg), A. Hamed, and T. Lee (Singapore), Dirk Oliver Theis.
    Eur. J. Comb. (arXiv:1208.2920)


  • On the facial structure of Symmetric and Graphical Traveling Salesman Polyhedra.
    Dirk Oliver Theis.
    Discrete Opt. 12 (2014) 10--25 (arXiv:0712.1269)
  • Constant Weight Codes: An Approach Based on Knuth’s Balancing Method.
    Vitaly Skachek, K.A.S. Immink.
    IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications. (2014) 1--26
  • An algorithm for random signed 3-SAT with intervals.
    K. Ballerstein (ETH Zurich), Dirk Oliver Theis.
    Theor. Comput. Sci. 524 (2014) 1--26 (Blog post, arXiv:1105.2525)
  • A note on the Cops & Robber game on graphs embedded in non-orientable surfaces.
    N. Clarke (Acadia University, NS), S. Fiorini (Brussels), G. Joret (Brussels), Dirk Oliver Theis.
    Graphs Comb. 30:1 (2014) 119--124 (Journal link, arXiv:0803.0538)

  • Compact formulations of the Steiner TSP and related problems.
    A.N. Letchford and S.D. Nasiri (Lancaster, UK), Dirk Oliver Theis.
    Europ. J. Oper. Res. 228:1 (2013) 83--93 (arXiv:1203.3854)
  • Error-Correction in Flash Memories via Codes in the Ulam Metric.
    F. Farnoud, Vitaly Skachek, O. Milenkovic.
    IEEE Trans. on Inform. Theory 59 (2013) 3003--3020.

Conference Proceedings (refereed)

  • Fooling-sets and rank in nonzero characteristic (extended abstract).
    M. Friesen (Magdeburg), Dirk Oliver Theis
    Proceedings of EuroComb (2013) 383--390 (arXiv:1305.2468)


  • Some Problems Related to Extensions of Polytopes (final draft, Dec 6, 2016)
    M. Pourmoradnasseri
    Supervisor: Dirk Oliver Theis

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