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PhD program

If you are a very strong master student in Math or Theoretical Computer Science, and if you consider a PhD in Algorithms and Theory, you should consider applying to do it in our group at the Computer Science Institute at U Tartu.

The program is designed to take ≤ 4 years to complete. It requires to take about 6 courses--4 of which are our advanced graduate level training in theoretical computer science (combinatorics, advanced randomness, advanced complexity; and quantum computing).

As explained in the Master's program description, the predominant language is English.  There's no reason to learn Estonian--except, of course, the fact that it is a beautiful language!

To apply, you need to
  1. get in contact with your desired supervisor and agree on a draft PhD project with him;
  2. submit your electronic application in time;
  3. send your transcripts and other documents (certified copies) in time;
  4. survive the skype interview, in case you're shortlisted.
Deadline is beginning of June 2015 !

Get in contact with your supervisor in time! He'll need some time to cook up a PhD project which fits your background.

Entrance into the PhD program is competitive: all applicants in all of CS are ranked, and places in the program are offered to the top 20 or so candidates. So it's not really that easy to get in, but nothing worth having ever comes easy, right? You'll be rewarded with life in a vibrant student city stuffed with cafes, restaurants, and bars. And, of course, a first rate research PhD.

As is typical in Europe, you can enter directly into the PhD program, if you already have a master's degree. If you don't, you'll have to first enroll into the Master's program.

Master's program

If you are a very strong undergrad student in Math or Theoretical Computer Science, and if you consider doing a Master with specialization in Algorithms and Theory, the new Master's program in Computer Science at U Tartu might be of interest to you.

The de-facto language of the program has been English for several years, but from 2015 on, the official language is English, too--which means that now we can openly admit that everything is in English :).

The Master's program allows you to choose the specialization Cryptography and Theoretical Computer Science, which comprises Algorithms & Theory, Coding Theory, and Cryptography.

Here are the details about the Master's in Algorithms & Theory.


We have an open

Postdoc position in probabilistic combinatorics and random structures.

The duration will be negotiated with the candidate. Anything from 6 months to 2+ years is possible. Send your informal inquiries to DOT.  Here is more information.

Review of applicants is beginning right away, and will continue until the position has been filled.

Apart from this particular position, if you would like to do a postdoc in Algorithms & Theory, and if your research fits into what we want to do here, contact one of us.  There are several funding organizations which have programs for postdoc research in Estonia, particularly if you are based in Europe. In Germany, for example, DAAD, DFG, and a few other sources fund postdoc stays in Estonia.