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Mozhgan Pourmoradnasseri

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BSc Math Sharif (2005)
MSc Combinatorics Zanjan (2008)
PhD Theoretical Computer Science (2017)


Applications of communication complexity, Randomness, Theoretical computer science.


  • The Rectangle Covering Number of Random Boolean Matrices
    w/ Dirk Oliver Theis
    (Electronic Journal of Combinatorics)
  • On the Graph of the Pedigree Polytope
    w/ Abdullah Makkeh and Dirk Oliver Theis
  • Short note on the number of 1-ascents in dispersed Dyck paths. 
    w/ Dirk Oliver Theis and Kairi Kangro
    Journal of Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications.


Fall 2015-16
Spring 2014-15
Fall 2014-15